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Admissions to Milton Road Primary School 


Starting school

It is county policy to admit all children to school in September of the school year in which they will be five and by law, all children must start school at the beginning of the term of their fifth birthday. As a school we seek to make the transition into the school setting as smooth as possible.


Milton Road Primary School is a community school with pupils aged between four and eleven years old. We are a two form-entry primary school which means that we have two classes in each Year group. The school is organised in the following way:

Reception (Early Years Foundation Stage)

Children aged 4-5 years old  Class M & Class R

Key Stage 1

Year 1 Children aged 5-6 years old  Class 1M and Class 1R

Year 2 Children aged 6-7 years old Class 2M and Class 2R

Key Stage 2

Year 3 Children aged 7-8 years old  Class 3M and Class 3R

Year 4 Children aged 8-9 years old  Class 4M and Class 4R

Year 5 Children aged 9-10 years old  Class 5M and Class 5R

Year 6 Children aged 10-11 years old  Class 6M and Class 6R

Cambridgeshire Local Authority (LA) is responsible for setting the admission arrangements and the Published Admission Number (PAN) of pupils. This number is currently set at 60 for our Reception class year group. Parents are advised to contact the local authority to find out additional information about the admission arrangements for the school.

Applications for Foundation Stage places in September should be made by late December of the previous year/early January of the same year. Full details of how to apply are available each autumn term.

Any queries from parents should be addressed to the local authority:


Transferring to Secondary School

The partner secondary school for Milton Road Primary is Chesterton Community College. Early in the autumn term, parents of pupils in Year 6 receive detailed information about all secondary schools together with a preference form. About this time, secondary schools arrange open evenings. Parents are notified of their child’s secondary place towards the end of the spring term.