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A super start!

Welcome to the Foundation Stage blog!


The children have had such a packed first half term at school. They have been settling into school life and new routines. We are very proud of them! 


One important part of our first few weeks was coming up with class agreements to make the Reception classroom a happy place for learning. The children had really good ideas which are on display. Please ask your child about them. We remind the children that they thought of these agreements and they all agreed to do their best to follow them. We love "choose it, use it, put it away." 


We have also been focusing on independence as this is such an important life skill. We are so impressed with children who are choosing to have a go before asking a friend or an adult for help.


In phonics we have learnt s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d, g,o,c,k sounds. We have also been practising segmenting words e.g. c-a-t, then blending the sounds together again (c-a-t = cat). We try and slip in segmenting and blending throughout the day. The children are good at doing their "z-i-p" up or finding their "h-a-t".


In maths we have focused on a number a week. So far we have covered 1,2,3. We really unpick the number so they children can apply their number knowledge in different situations and represent it in different ways. We have also been focusing on 1:1 counting and finding one more or one less than a given number.


Now the children are settled at school we will be updating our blog on a regular basis. Please check back for updates on all the fun we have in Foundation Stage!


Have a very happy and restful half term.


The Foundation Stage Team