Welcome to PTA

Milton Road Primary School PTA aims:
• to promote a friendly and social atmosphere within and between all pupils, staff, parents, governors and the local community;
• to raise funds to enable the school to buy facilities or equipment outside the normal school budget and thus advance the education of the pupils.
The PTA seeks to fulfil its aims through a number of events held throughout the school year to enable both children and adults to socialise and establish a wider network of friends within the school community.
All parents, carers and teachers are automatically members of the Association. The committee is made up of volunteer parents, teacher representatives and the Headteacher as Honorary President. The PTA is always open to new ideas for fundraising and is very grateful to the many parent volunteers who give their time to help make events so successful.

Notice board

For volunteering opportunities please see volunteer section under parents on the website.

PTA Members 2016/2017

Chair - Liz Simmonds

Treasurer - Alison Farmer

Secretary - Helen Day

Events Secretary - Natasha Forster

School fund secretary - Mateja Jamnik Bierman

Communications secretary - Lydia Aers

Parent Committee members - Helen Crisp, Raquel Silva

Staff Committee Members - Alison Hall

Honorary President - Michael Catchpool


2016-2017 Class Name

M            Becky French

R             Faiza Meftah

1M           Liz Simmonds

1R           Kirsty Hudson              

2R           Mateja Jamnik Bierman           

2M           Kate Winter           

3R           Debbie Morley           

3M           Raquel Silva           

4M           Natasha Forster          

4R           Philippa Millerchip

5R          Joanna Logan          

5M         Liz Godfrey          

6M         Mateja Jamnik Bierman          

6R           Jane Kroese

This year the PTA have decided to ask for parents who are willing to be Class Representatives to help us spread the word for future events and deliver feedback over where funds should be spent and ideas for events and fund raising schemes.

During our big events we will be asking Class Reps to rally support and get individual classes to run small areas and stalls at the event.