Sex and Relationship Education (SRE)

Parents are the key figures in helping their children to cope with the physical and emotional aspects of growing up and in preparing them for the challenges and responsibilities that sexual maturity brings. SRE is complementary to and supportive of the parental role.
Children’s questions relating to sexual matters are answered in a frank, sensitive manner at the level judged to be appropriate to the maturity and needs of the questioner. Consideration is given to any religious beliefs, ethnic traditions or cultural views which may have a bearing on the discussion of sexual and relationship issues.
It is hoped that parents will welcome the fact that SRE is included in the curriculum. However the school respects the
right of individuals to be able to withdraw their child from all or part of the SRE programme.
The Parents’ Library in the main reception area includes books and videos on Child Development and Sex Education. Parents are welcome to call in any time to borrow these items.


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