School Clothing

All children should wear clothing which allows them to participate safely and healthily in all school activities. Clothing should be practical, hardwearing and suitable for such activities as: PE indoors – and outside in cold and damp weather; play time in all weathers; using the outdoor learning environment; art and design; role play and drama; sitting with legs crossed on the classroom carpet for listening activities.

School clothing with the school logo in mix-and-match navy and red is recommended and can be purchased directly from the supplier.

Royal blue PE T-shirts and navy shorts are requested for PE for health and safety reasons. The range of school clothing and other school items includes: polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces, tracksuits, book bags, PE bags, sunhats and baseball caps. All items of clothing should be clearly labeled with your child’s name.

Day Wear

Waterproof jacket for play times.

• Tops/dresses with short or long sleeves to protect shoulders
from sun.

• Flat shoes or sandals with backs or back straps.

• Clothing which covers the midriff.

• Clothing for young children with fastenings which can be
managed independently.

PE Wear

Royal blue PE T-shirt.

• Navy shorts.

• Additional pair of trainers for outdoor games
(Key Stage 1 and 2).

• Named slim-line PE bag.

• Soft bands to tie back long hair.

• Key Stage 2 swimming: girls – one piece swimsuit;
boys – trunks/shorts.


School polo shirt and sweatshirt for every day wear.

• Fleece.

• Tracksuit (Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils for outdoor PE).

• Wellingtons and a change of shoes when wet.

• Art shirt or overall.

• Sun hats and sun cream (roll on type to be applied by child).


It is unacceptable to wear clothing or accessories which are inappropriate or unsafe in the school context, including: offensive images or logos; hipster trousers/skirts; full length or tight skirts; very wide or overly long trousers; short tops; chains; nail varnish; temporary tattoos; high heeled boots.

Other Items

Children are only allowed to wear watches, ear studs and small items of religious significance. Ear studs should be left at home on PE days.

Where it is not possible to remove ear studs, parents should provide, as part of the PE kit, a reel of micropore tape which their child can use to cover ear studs. All other jewellery must be removed during PE.

Mobile phones should not be brought into school.

Some playtime equipment is provided by the school. Children may bring one toy or piece of equipment for play time use providing that it: is named; fits into the child’s school bag; is not used for trading/swapping; the child accepts that it may get lost or damaged. Basketballs may be used for throwing games, however only sponge balls may be used for kicking games on the playground. Kicking games with proper footballs are restricted to the field. Tennis balls can be used for hand batting in safe games determined by staff. For the safety and happiness of children at play, the school may prohibit play equipment which is considered unsuitable.

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