Welcome to Foundation

In Foundation Stage we learn both inside and outside the classroom. Inside the classroom we move between both Class M and Class R choosing the activities we would like to do.

In the Foundation Stage we have a workshop for building models and art tables where we can be creative, a maths area and two carpet areas, one for each class. Every day we sit on the carpet for a little while and do some learning and then go off to explore for ourselves or to work with an adult. We do lots of phonics (letter sound work), maths, reading, writing and learning about the world. We have lots of different topics.  Some of the topics we are learning about this term are, Our bodies, Our Families and Celebrations.

We learn in all sorts of ways both inside and outside the classroom. We use lots of hands on activities, in sand pits, water trays, the pebble pit, in the role play area, on computers and with construction.

We also visit the library and computer suite once a week and do PE together in the big hall.

We have lots of fun in the Foundation Stage and have made lots of new friends.

In class M our teacher is Mrs Barnes-Weston and in class R our teachers are Miss Morrison at the begining of the week and Mrs Cornwell at the end of the week, We have lots of other adults who help us too.




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