Kids Zone


Spelling Game
Year 6 SATs spelling revision game
Dance mat typing
Practise your typing skills with this great website
Starship English
Help star fill the rocket with fuel
Amazing spelling fleas
Play Amazing Spelling Fleas


Learn your tables
Practice your times table skills
Moon Maths
Zap the alien with the right answer!
Who wants to be a mathionaire
Can you win a million?


Eco challenge
Help the environment with this fun eco game!
Forces in action
Use the force(s)!
Sprocket Rocket
Fly through rooms and adapt your Rocket to collect all the cogs


Fling the teacher
Answer questions on the great plague to fling your teacher
Roman mosaic
Create a Roman Mosaic
The great fire of London
Learn all about the fire of 1666

Brain Builders

Connect Four
Can you beat the computer in this classic game?
Parking Mania
Parking is much harder than it looks!
Spot the difference
Spot the difference

Fun Links 3s-7s

Colouuring in
Colour in different animals and get creative
Dynamo Quiz Challenge
Save poor DynaMo from a messy fate by answering general knowledge questions.
Grandma in  my pocket
Play games with Grandpa in my pocket

Fun Links 7s-11s

Ancient Greece Catapult
Fire the catapult!
Blue Peter Turkish Bizarre Game
Collect Turkish Delight and Blue Peter badges, but avoid baddies and the rising peril!
Super Mario
Super Mario Flash


A maze race
Can you beat the other ball to the flag?
Bouncing Balls
Knock down the balls to avoid being crushed!
Tomato Bounce
Use your mouse to stop the tomatoes splatting on the floor! 8-Ball

Year 5 / 6 Maths Games

Mental Maths Practice
Mental maths practice games made up by children!
Lots of maths practice
Lots of maths practice- links to games on other sites.
Zap the x tables
Zap the x tables ghosts…fast and fun!

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