Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT at Milton Road is constantly and rapidly evolving at a pace driven by the demands of the modern curriculum, combined with the possibilities afforded by technical innovation.
Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, a projector and a DVD player. There are computers or laptops in every group room between classrooms. These are used during lessons and allow the children access to computers on a daily basis. The school also has thirty-four laptops in trolleys. These are used continuously by classes and enable teachers to conduct lessons in which every child can work at their own computer in a variety of settings.Children have the use of digital cameras, camcorders and editing software to record their work and manipulate images. Eighteen electronic keyboards allow children to compose music and interface with the computers for editing and production. Digital microscopes, data loggers and Roamers are also available to support scientific and mathematical investigation.
Children develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in four aspects of ICT: Finding Things Out; Developing Ideas and Making Things Happen; Exchanging and Sharing Information; Reviewing, Modifying and Evaluating Work as it Progresses. These skills are used, developed and reinforced as an integral part of all other curriculum areas.

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Our ICT Vision
– ICT at Milton Road will prepare children for life in a technology rich global society harnessing their abilities and
– All our children will be motivated by personalised learning,facilitated and enhanced through the use of ICT in every
aspect of their school life.
– Our children will learn how to learn, using resources at least as good as those found at home.
– The whole school community will know how to exploit the potential of technology and maximise use to enable effective learning, creativity and personal success inclusive of all children.
– The school will give community access to technology enabling ‘anytime anywhere’ learning and establishing
links within and beyond the school.