Governing Body

The Governing Body consists of:

Dr M Catchpool

Sylvie Baird

Dr Iain Thomas
Neil Morris
Miriam Kubica
Danny Godfrey

Karen Watson

Ysanne Austin
Dr Gavin Bierman
Rolf Purvis
Matthew Hodgson
Sylvie Baird

Ian Nimmo- Smith

Marco Donzelli

Meleena Walsh

Organisation of the Governing Body

The MRPS Governing Body has four Committees.  Governors are assigned to Committees, but there is an open invitation to all Governors to the Teaching & Learning Committee and the Resources Committee Meetings.  The Head Teacher sits on all the main committees.  Governors share collective responsibility as a governing body, however, we have agreed that individual governors will act as champions for particular areas. 

Governor membership of the committees is as follows:

Teaching and learning Committee
Danny Godfrey - Co Chair
Rolf Purvis - Co Chair
Sylvie Baird
Gavin Bierman
Miriam Kubica
Karen Watson

Gillian Frankland

What does the T&L Committee do?

T&L Committee meeting attendance records

Resources Committee
Matt Hodgson - Chair
Ysanne Austin
Ian Nimmo-Smith
Neil Morris
Iain Thomas
Marco Donzelli

What does the Resources Committee do?

Resources Committee meeting attendance records

Head Teacher Performance Management Committee
Gavin Bierman - Chair
Ian Nimmo Smith

Iain Thomas
Sylvie Baird

What does the Head Teacher Performance Management Committee do?

Head Teacher Performance Managment Committee attendance record

Pay Committee
Rolf Purvis - Chair
Gavin Bierman
Ian Nimmo-Smith
Iain Thomas

What does the Pay Committee do?

Pay Committee attendance record

Area Champions

Pupil Voice Ian Nimmo-Smith
Safeguarding Sylvie Baird
Staff Wellbeing Iain Thomas
Engagement with parents Miriam Kubica
Behaviour Miriam Kubica
Progress and achievement data Danny Godfrey
Health and Safety Neil Morris
Pupil Premium Gillian Frankland
Governor Training Neil Morris


Subject Links

Further links with school phase teams will be developed over time.  These links with the school provide valuable opportunities to build our knowledge and understanding of Milton Road, its strengths and areas for development.

Literacy Gillian Frankland and Sylvie Baird
Music Rolf Purvis
Computing Gavin Bierman
Maths Matt Hodgson and Ysanne Austin
PSCHE Miriam Kubica
Physical Education (PE) Marco Donzelli
Science Iain Thomas and Neil Morris
RE/collective workship Ian Nimmo-Smith


Notice board

For volunteering opportunities please see volunteer section under parents on the website.