Gardening Club

The club is run for children from Year 3 to Year 6.  Over the last few years the club has grown and matured with the help from a bunch of very enthusiastic Year 6 Children.

The ethos of the club is to have hands on fun with digging, exploring and experimenting in their own allotment environment.  The club is mainly run for Year 3, but each year group has a plot where they can enjoy gardening with supervision and a buddy system from Year 6 pupils.

All they have to agree to is a simple code of conduct, safety with tools, work tidily, share and being responsible for the collecting and putting away of the tools.

The club has had a go at making rain gauges, scarecrows, fat ball bird food, built their own crop prevention covers, wormaries, forced bulb cultivation and pumpkin growing.

Green Fingers

Gardening Club is growing in more ways than one!  Spring bulbs resplendent, seeds being sown into the warm soil, flower seedlings being nurtured and the older children Digging for Victory to create a new potato bed - it's all go at the moment.  We have even painted and tidied the shed over the Easter holidays!

The club is growing in numbers, with some very enthusiastic Year 3's who were invited this week for the first time.  They will be trying to learn as much as possible from the year 6 gardeners in this last term of the year.  It's great to have a new year of young gardeners coming up the school!

Watch out for the plant sale, now up and running outside the office.  Feel free to add or swap any plants, seedlings, cuttings or excess vegetables plants you may have.  If you find something on there you would like to buy, then pop a donation into the box in the School Office.  All your kind donations will go towards the Gardening Club or enriching lunchtimes with equipment for the Playzone.

Notice board

For volunteering opportunities please see volunteer section under parents on the website.