Regular attendance and arrival at school on time is a legal requirement. Children should not miss school unless absolutely necessary. In the case of unexpected absence, parents must contact the school before 09.00am on the first morning of absence either by phone on 01223 712333 ext 1 or email The office will log and record the reason for absence, to be kept by the school as written evidence which may be required by the Local Authority when monitoring attendance. If no explanation is provided, the absence is recorded as unauthorised.
Prior notice should be given of unavoidable medical appointments. Attendance and punctuality are carefully monitored by the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) who may contact parents over issues of attendance. The EWO is Mrs Michelle McCormick who can also offer advice and support to parents. Our Family Worker is Mrs Michaela Edards who can be contacted via the school.
Parents do not have any right or entitlement to expect leave to be given for holidays during term time. The school strongly discourages such holidays. They will only be authorised by the Headteacher in exceptional circumstances and where a valid reason is fully explained on a Leave of Absence form. Leave of absence will not be granted if it coincides with formal assessments and tests for pupils (SATs).
Families considering going away for an extended period for reasons connected with their work or family should discuss matters with the Headteacher at an early stage of planning. Pupil places can not be held open for more than six weeks and may be taken by others on the waiting list.


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Leave of Absence

Please read 'Attendance Information for parents leaflet' prior to completing an 'Application for leave of absence'.